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This is one of my favs of the 50 so far. :-)

One of over 600 photos I took today of Rob and Cheer in their wedding garb. They each had 2 outfits, and we visited quite a few sights, with more lined up before the wedding. I have a metric tonne of editing to do, but I thought I'd post this one up as a sneak peak.

Congrats to the beautiful couple. :)

" Sup? "

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IMG_1706, originally uploaded by Akira2506.

B got some new shades, so I thought I'd teach her to throw up some gang signs and get her pout on. Myspace generation; respekk.

So, Dan McCarthy is out here at the moment, and doing his best to blend in... haha. Well, No, truth be told, we got invited for a meal for free if we agreed to have our photo taken with the owner.. the power of being foreign! So, Dan donned his white suit, and I grabbed my Hawaiian shirt.

Foreigners eat for free :D

This pork was tasty! :D

As was this! :D

Me and Dan on a mission to convince all Chinamen that this is how we dress in the west. ;)

We have one of those convex mirrors to see around corners in our apartment complex, so here's B and D getting their pose on.

Keeping it real.

Some kids playing on a building site

Xi'an at Night
We went off to Xi'an again for a few days. Here's the belltower at night. :)

Xi'an at Night
Detail shot

Xi'an at Night
I like this shot of B, just a shame about the lens flare creeping in.

Xi'an at Night
The streets stayed busy late into the night

Xi'an at Night
It really is beautiful at night :)

Xi'an at Night
Tim cheated and bought his tripod along. :-P Luckily the IS on the new lens is awesome. :)

Found a good way to take mine and B's photo with the bell tower :p

Xi'an at Night
Little B with the big B as the background :)

Xi'an at Night
This is the shopping mall / subway under the belltower.

Xi'an at Night
One of the buildings around the bell tower

Xi'an at Night
Coming up to the drum tower

Xi'an at Night
Some neon signage. :)

Xi'an at Night
Drum tower detail

Xi'an at Night
The drum tower in all its glory

Xi'an at Night
Some nice gold lights

Xi'an at Night
There was an IS chilling next to the drum tower. One of the first IS's I've seen out here. :)

Xi'an at Night
A look down Muslim street

Forest of Steles
Then we went to the Stele Forest. It's basically a museum of lots of ancient writings carved into stone. Here's B reading about....something.

Forest of Steles
A shot of the top of one of the stones

Forest of Steles
They then make rubbings of some of the carvings for people to buy. They throw some paper up over the carving..

Forest of Steles
Then use a brush to fill the indents.

Forest of Steles
Then hammer it down to crisp up the edges.

Forest of Steles
Then blott the ink on. :)

Forest of Steles
And the come out looking something like this.

Forest of Steles
The red ones were purrrrdy. <3

Forest of Steles
A nice detail shot :)

Forest of Steles
haha, I like this shot of B.

Forest of Steles
The kind of slab that filled the hall. :)

Forest of Steles
More writings

Forest of Steles
This one is worth seeing full size. I love the texture of the stone.

Forest of Steles
They also had a collection of things you tie your horse to.

Forest of Steles
Then some 'stuff' inside.

Forest of Steles
Dan taking a photo of his favourite old-dead-wise-Chinese-dude; Laozi.

Forest of Steles
And then rain stopped play. :(

More photos soon I hope! :)

IMG_1249-2, originally uploaded by Akira2506.

Made another trip to Xi'an. (bought my lens half way through this trip) Here are some random photos from said trip.

Went up on Xi'an's City wall, which is AWESOME. hired some bikes to go around it. My friend Kathy was acting as tour guide, I'd never been on a tandem bike and fancied a go, so we hired one. It's harder than it looks at first, but you soon catch on. :)

I love these tall buildings with the traditional roofs plonked on top.

Up on the wall was deserted.

Some great buildings up on the wall

Near some of the gates there are some random things that are supposed to look like old things. <-- Wow, that's a great description.

The east gate


Battering rams!

One fun "feature" was the random hidden (and unsigned) dips in the 'road.' You'd be cycling along then at the last second notice a drop. ( pictured here from the other side) for an added bonus, some were half ramp, half steps. Not fun when you're on a tandem!

Looking down on the busy city below

while the top of the wall remained peaceful and deserted.

Dan chilling with some of the locals

New lens = time to start taking photos of random things again!

A better coloured version of the photo at the top of this post. :) I love my new lens.

A big Buddah

Then we headed to see the water show at the Big Goose Pagoda. Depending who you're talking to, its the biggest water show in Asia...and it is pretty damn big. About 7 or 8 big square "pools" each housing maybe 150 fountain jets... its a lot of water. It all dances to the music and it's pretty funky stuff. Everyone plays in the water, and the high-pressure water jets spray water everywhere when its bouncing off kids. I'd only had my lens for an hour or so, and didn't fancy ruining it, so I wasn't as adventurous as usual with my camera.

Dance water, dance!

A smirk started to spread across Dan's face... he was planning something...

Fountains as far as the eye can see

Friends try to push each other in

..Dan's plan becomes clear as he marches out to the centre of the fountain-pool. Always loves a crowd. :)

Doing it for the UK, baby!

Yup, standing in the middle of a fountain will make you wet, Dan.

A triumphant Dan returns from his wonder. The fountains all "dance" to music, and as the song finished, right on cue, Dan took a bow. (The 300-or-so Chinamen around our fountain had been staring at him in disbelief throughout his wondering) there was an audible laugh and applause. :)

So many fountains!

A wall of water

Rain, Rain go Away
I like this shot of two girls trying to shelter as they cross the fountain.

The big goose pagoda itself

Myself and Kathy next to a stone that reads "Friendship Forever" or something similar...

... it was a good trip! :)