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Polaroid: Beryl, originally uploaded by Akira2506.

Okay. So, two things. 1) National day has already come...and gone. and 2) this Polaroid of Beryl has nothing to do with it...I just wanted to share it. :)

Although, speaking of Beryl...
I found out she can knit! She knitted a scarf for my mum. Her skill set is so polar-opposite to mine.

Cross-stitch frog
and cross-stitch! She made me this super cute frog-shaped phone charm. :)

Streets of Weinan before National Day
Back on topic. National day! Flags are everywhere.

Streets of Weinan before National Day

Little Girl with Flag
Cute girl with a very faded flag. :)

Fly the Flag
and another!

All over town there are stalls like this selling mooncake.

China: Anything is Possible
and finally this shot. "Anything is Possible." and the Chinese flag.
I'm inclined to agree.


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